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A Staged Question vs A Staged Presidency

@ 12:45 PM (87 months, 23 days ago)

Hillary Clinton is NOT my candidate (too Republican lite), but it just tickles me how the GOP and Fox News are having such an ORGASM because someone on her staff planted a question in a Q&A session in Iowa.

Welcome to American Politics 101. There’s not a single politician out there who doesn’t work hard at crafting their image to the media.

A couple months ago there was a rumor going around that GQ magazine sat on a negative story about Hillary campaign infighting because she threatened to withdraw access to Bill on a future story GQ wanted to do on him.

Yep, Hillary is said to be one of the best fighters in this arena, this kill-or-be-killed game (though Karl Rove was better), but she's not the first pol to do this.

For Fox News to act all indignant is downright laughable.

This is the same news outfit that barely mentioned the fake news conference FEMA gave during the California wildfires. Neil Cavuto didn't even mention it on his show, but boy has he hopped on Hillary's fake question thing...  over and over and over.

I think fake questioning is wrong, if a candidate wants to cover a certain topic, they should work it in another way... but that isn't the point. The point is that Cavuto jumped on this story about Hillary's ONE fake question, but he has yet to tell his audience about a Bush administration agency holding an ENTIRE fake press conference where numerous fake questions were asked by numerous fake reporters.

Hillary ain't got nothing on King George, Master of Staged Events....

Fox kept straight faces as they carried every last one of Bush's so called campaign "Town Hall" meetings where all the questions were set up beforehand, approved by the Bush election committee... and only his supporters got to ask questions.

Talk about yer Free Speech--People who showed up at Bush's rallies wearing anti-Bush T-shirts were hustled out of sight, some off to jail. Remember Nicole and Jeff Rank? Feds had to pay them $80,000 (taxpayer money) for false arrest. Read about it here:

Allow me to segue into the fact that this White House - those “champions of free speech”- has also engaged in chilling tactics designed to control and undermine the watchdog role of the mainstream press.

Hillary was trying to manipulate a question, while the Bushies wanted to jail the reporters who ask them.

Remember about a year or so ago when AG Alberto Gonazles said on TV that the Bush administration has the power to jail journalists who publish stories about illegal behavior in the White House? Stories that reveal certain illegal conduct by the president which he claims is "classified." Something to do with the warrantless NSA eavesdropping program?

Read about it here at

BTW-- should Gonzales be making decisions about who should be prosecuted for exposing his "client's" wrongdoing to the public?

Anyway, Gonzales spoke out after the judge in Detroit ruled that Bush's warrantless spying program was unconstitutional... she said something I've never forgotten--“There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution.”

Let's see now... what other countries in the world imprison journalists for doing their jobs?

Pakistan...Zimbabwe...Cuba...China...Iran...Saudi Arabia...Russia? Who am I missing here on this honor roll? I guess North Korea *would* do it if they had an independent press.

No, a fake question really isn't so bad... when you consider how the Bush White House has assaulted freedom of the press and the Constitution, made attempts to suppress dissent, thumbed their noses at accountability and the general rule of law.

If you want to talk about manipulating the press, talk about how this White House used columnist Bob Novak to out a CIA agent (an act of treason in the law books) because they had a bone to pick with her husband.

In a fair and honorable White House, Bob Novak would have gone to trial, along with a slew of other criminals walking the corridors of power.

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