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Ain't Democracy a bitch?

@ 10:08 AM (87 months, 3 days ago)

It better be.
This just tickles me. Righties are at full howl over the political affiliations of some of the questioners on the Republican YouTube debate. Oh my god, are their candidates so clogged up with their talking points that they can't be asked an honest question?
After all, if elected, won't they also be Commander-in-Chief to non-Republicans too? These guys are running for president...of the United States...that’s ALL of the people in ALL of those states.
From "The retired general who quizzed Republican presidential candidates about gays and lesbians in the military was not the only person linked to a Democratic presidential candidate who got to ask a question at Wednesday’s CNN/YouTube debate.
....“We’re focused on the questions, not the questioners,” said Sam Feist, CNN’s political director.
“There were 5,000 questions sent in and we wanted to have the best questions. I think we found them,” he said, pointing out that the estimated 4.9 million viewers made it the most-watched presidential primary debate in cable history. [..]"
Can Righties manufacture a paranoid controversy out of ANYthing or what?
The "Don't Ask Don't Tell" question, asked by a gay retired Brigadier General, is something maybe an Independent voter may want to know.
Turns out he is a registered Independent and has never given money to the Clinton campaign, but his name is listed as a member of a Clinton gay and lesbian committee.
So what? Big deal! Righties are just mad because all the questions weren't pulled from Rush Limbaugh’s butt. They're whining that CNN used questions from "liberals" and didn't screen the questions to their satisfaction in order to weed out anything resembling a diversity of opinions.
Are all the Republican candidates just too delicate to answer some questions out the mainstream? Would their heads explode?
Look, I don't care which party is up there on the stage, a legitimate question is a legitimate question. Why are Righties so scared that their Republican candidates might be quizzed by liberals? Are they afraid they’ll be at a disadvantage?
These are YouTube debates for crying out loud--where anyone, including a Democrat, can submit questions which are then selected by some agreed-upon process. The rules do not state that only Republicans can ask questions.
That retired Army guy was not posing as a reporter...his question was straight forward and they thought it valid enough to be included. Who he is shouldn't change that.
Righties are acting like it was an incredibly nasty segment of Candid Camera...with poor deer-in-the-headlights Republicans being hit with questions about gays in the military...waterboarding...or do they believe the Christian Bible word for word....or what would Jesus do about the death penalty.
At least one of them can think fast on his feet -- Huckabee said that Jesus was too smart to run for public office. Best line of the night.
Anyway, the Righties are mad as hell and they...want a do over?
Heh, are they kidding? The Republican candidates didn't even want to do a YouTube debate in the first place.
So now they're calling for CNN to fire a bunch of people and I don't know what all.
You know, Democrats could say the same thing about some of the questions selected for a Democratic YouTube debate--here's one suggesting that taxes are always raised when a Democrat wins, asking how many of the candidates would raise taxes.
As you can see, Democrats handle that sort of thing with ease... Republicans must be made of spun glass and have to be wrapped in bubble wrap to be coddled and protected at all times.
Who cares WHO raises an issue? If it's an issue to all Americans, they need to answer it. And if their position on an issue, say gays in the military, is one that voters care about, why should they care WHO asked the dang question? They should just make their points, and move on.
If they want to talk 'plants', at least in a debate a plant can ask an oppositional question.
Can our Republican friends now explain the recent fake FEMA news conference where fake reporters asked fake questions? Or why a gay male escort (Jeff Gannon) attended news briefings and was planted in the Bush White House Press Room to ask fake 'friendly' questions?
Yeah, I know that Gannon thing happened in '03, but I ain't gonna forget about it any time soon.