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Thoughts on Obama's win in SC

@ 09:04 AM (85 months, 6 days ago)

Obama had an amazing victory in South Carolina Saturday night...he won by a two-to-one margin. Very impressive, and his victory speech was quite impressive too. Both the Obamas looked radiant.
The blue wave is building. It was a MASSIVE Democratic voter turnout--532,000--easily the largest number to ever vote in a Democratic primary in South Carolina. Waaaaay more than the 100,000 votes cast in the SC GOP primary on Jan. 19...and in a red state too.
Remember that-->the GOP staying home will be crucial to November's election.
Hillary's drop in the national polls indicates that many people are turned off by the way Bill has put Hillary in his shadow again... just when she was emerging with her own voice in New Hampshire.
Michelle Obama kicked Bill Clinton's ass.
Have you ever seen that silly show, 'Wife Swap?' Now I'm not one to perpetuate stereotypes, but did you ever notice that when the "new wife" is black the men seem to end up crying before the swap is over?
Look at Michelle's fundraising email to supporters:
She works effectively behind the scenes. She doesn't wag her finger angrily in reporters' faces, but she does gets her licks in. Like the time she said she travels with her husband in part to model what it means to have family values...that "if you can't run your own house, you can't run the White House." A little dig at Hillary, eh?
I'm so tired of the media short-changing us with too many reports on the horse race and not enough on the candidates' plans to pull us out of this Republican-made muck.
We don't like to think of this race along black/white/gender lines...but we still watch the trends as a key to how the rest of the country might vote. Obama won the majority of the black vote in SC, Hillary won the majority of the white female vote, and John Edwards won the majority of the white male vote. Edwards won 39 percent of ALL the white voters in SC.
So it's realistic to think that Edwards could carry other states where black voters do not make up almost 50 percent of the voting population. Many more whites vote than blacks, simply because blacks only make up about 12 percent or so of the overall population.
While he netted four-fifths of the black vote in South Carolina, Obama won the backing of only one-fourth of the white voters. And it's going to stay that way...I don't care how many Kennedys anoint him the heir to JFK's legacy.
I would give anything to be wrong. I, too, grew up with the dream of equality for blacks and women. But I'm realistic. We're not there yet.
I like both Hillary (sans Bill) and Obama, but I'm telling you folks, neither one of them stands a snowball's chance in hell of winning the national election. And if we nominate Hillary, forget about disheartened Republicans staying home on election day. She riles them up like no other, and the Hillary-haters will swarm en masse to the voting booth. Enough of them to give the GOP a narrow edge ... just like the evangelicals did in 2004.
Independents and fed-up Republicans will more likely vote for John Edwards. It's so damned sad that he has to struggle so hard to make himself heard in the face of his rivals' celebrity.
If John Edwards does not win the Democratic nomination, then the people of this country deserve whatever Republican they get in the White House.
Remember--there is a reason the global elite in both parties, and all of corporate America, want to shut Edwards up. Think about it.