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He'll have to change his tombstone again

@ 10:15 AM (73 months, 12 days ago)

Blago-appointed Illinois Sen. Roland Burris has to go. I thought I'd found a Saturday Night Live skit when I clicked on his news conference the other day...he was sweating, squirming, denying and jabbing his finger in the air..."I am a man of integrity!"
This guy reminds us of why we distrust dang politicians so much. They should never have allowed a disgraced, about-to-be-impeached, Governor to appoint a Senate replacement in the first place.
See, a week or so ago Roland Burris quietly filed an affidavit to correct the testimony he had given to the Illinois House impeachment panel last month. Why? Maybe because a Chicago newspaper reported that one of Burris's three conversations with the governor's brother was recorded by the FBI.
Before his appointment to the Senate he told us he had no contacts - well, maybe one - with Gov. Blago or his representatives about the seat.
Now, in the amended affidavit, Burris says there were six contacts, including three with Blagojevich's brother Robert that sound pretty shady.
From Chicago Tribune: "Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan led a growing chorus of Democratic officials Monday calling for a deeper investigation of U.S. Sen. Roland Burris' explanation about how he was appointed by now-ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
Burris has maintained there was nothing inconsistent between his testimony before state lawmakers and a recently filed affidavit outlining more extensive contact with Blagojevich insiders than he had previously disclosed. But Illinois Republicans pressed their call for a perjury investigation by the county prosecutor ...[...]",0,6841138.story
Sure looks like he perjured himself to me.
Back when Blagojevich called a press conference to announce that he had selected Burris to fill Obama's seat, reporters pointed out that Burris' law firm had once contributed $14,000 to Blagojevich's campaigns. If that ain't "pay to play" I don't know what is!
Burris should do the honorable thing and resign. Maybe he hasn't yet added "Senator" to his list of accomplishments on that tombstone in Chicago he had built as a monument to himself. Bizarre...that should have tipped people off right there.
Anyway, Democrats are happy. Burris is a serial loser...couldn't win when he ran for Mayor...couldn't win when he ran for Senator...couldn't win when he ran for Governor three times. Not to mention his being appointed by Blago taints him big time.
Now Dems can concentrate on strong Democratic challengers like Lisa Madigan, Jan Schakowsky, Jesse Jackson Jr., among others.