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Don't bogart that bill my friend

@ 01:18 PM (59 months, 4 days ago)


Democrats worked all through the night -- they called it a "vote-a-rama" -- to defeat two dozen Republican amendments to the HCR bill. The R's are trying like crazy to push politically charged amendments .. material they can use in their attack ads.

And, oopsie, Republicans found parliamentary problems with two eensy teensy minor provisions that will send the healthcare bill back to the House for yet another vote, once the Senate adopts it.

The provisions in question are very minor and technical .. their removal does NOT affect the larger HCR package in any meaningful way.

Democrats believe the Senate might complete all of its work on the reconciliation measure before this day is over.

A tiny setback, only the second bill is going back .. the one that changes the original bill and can be passed through reconciliation. The main bill already went through the Senate Parliamentarian. Since the House approved it without changes, it was sent straight to Obama’s desk and bypassed the Senate and signed into law Tuesday.

So, I'm still having a good week, and not surprised that the R's are showing their arse to the bitter end.

Bogarting the bill won’t win them the hearts of America’s moderates, independents and centrists .. who are probably getting tired of obstinate, petulant obstructionism.

Hey .. since there must be a re-vote anyway, wouldn't it be funny if Dems added the Public Option in the Senate bill before it went back to the House? Speaker Pelosi claims that she now has the votes for it. How righteous that a stupid tactic by the R's could came back to bite them in the arse.


You knew it had to happen..

@ 11:13 AM (59 months, 4 days ago)


That some one would do a video mixing President Obama's "Yes, we can" campaign message with Sen. John Boehner's hateful "Hell no you can't!" tantrum on the floor of the House during HCR debates.

How foolish and childish John looks .. sort of reminds me of news clips of Gov. Orval Faubus' sweaty tirade when Eisenhower sent troops into Little Rock to guard black students on their way to school.

You have to admire the contrast -- Boehner's twisted hateful face of the past, framed against all the hopeful, smiling faces of the future.

I really hope someone uses this in upcoming campaign ads thru 2012.

Boehner will now be immortalized as the face of Republican anger, hate, irrationality, incompetence, and fearmongering.

BTW Boehner .. Yes We DID!

Here's the video: