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Alvin Greene reminds me of Bubba Gump

@ 10:20 AM (56 months, 11 days ago)


And, hello! .. the dude has FELONY CHARGES pending ..

Just when you think South Carolina politics can’t get any more bizarre, here comes calls for investigations of Alvin Greene, who mysteriously appeared out of nowhere to became the state’s Democratic nominee for the US Senate last Tuesday .. despite never holding a campaign event, never attending any of the big Democratic primary hoohaws .. and didn’t even have a campaign Web site. ( I already blogged about Greene)

First thing you have to remember is -- South Carolina is an open primary state. Meaning that Democrats, Independents, and guess what -- even Republicans were able to cast their votes for Alvin Greene.

Newspapers say "officials" are calling for him to withdraw from the race against Sen. Jim DeMint, the Republican incumbent. Others began suggesting that Greene was a "plant."

Representative James Clyburn, the House Democratic majority whip, has called for a federal investigation .. wanting to know how Greene, 32, who is on unemployment, came up with more than $10,000 of his own money to enter the race.

Clyburn said on a radio show that there were some real shenanigans going on in the South Carolina primary .. "I don’t know if he was a Republican plant, he was someone’s plant."

Then along comes the Associated Press, which reported that Greene had been charged with a felony in a case involving showing porno pictures to a college student. He was assigned a public defender.

I saw Greene interviewed on Keith Olbermann's show. When Keith asked him about the charge, Greene said he wasn't going to comment on it. And he said he wouldn’t step down. He came across as shell-shocked, high or mentally challenged .. I'd love someone to ask him questions to see what he even knows about government.

In subsequent interviews Greene speaks in platitudes about his campaign .. says he traveled the entire state to get his message to voters. But, he can't be pinned down to a specific place where he campaigned. He even admitted in one of the TV interviews that he never held a campaign event, didn’t attend any of the big Democratic primary events .. and didn’t even have a campaign Web site. And he never filed any financial reporting forms.

And .. hello .. the dude has FELONY CHARGES pending!

I saw election investigators on TV saying that, in at least 25 precincts, Greene received MORE votes than ballots cast. Also that the independently tallied absentee ballots show Greene's opponent getting 86% of the vote, almost completely opposite of the breakdown of the election day ballots.

If this is true, I smell ballot stuffing .. and fraud this obvious will not succeed. DeMint may not have had direct knowledge of election rigging, but it's plain to see that whoever rigged the primary did so to benefit DeMint.

I say -- follow the money, Soon we'll get a much clearer picture of what's really going on here. Somebody's pulled an incredible stunt - maybe it's Greene, but my bet is he was just an accessory.

There is definitely more to this than meets the eye. For one thing, Greene acts absolutely miserable now that he won .. acts like he hates every interview, hates being in the public eye. Now how many people enter politics who hate public speaking and the media limelight?

Read the latest here.

~~"In an interview Friday at his father's home outside Manning, Greene said he got the money from a personal bank account containing money he saved before being discharged from the Army last summer. He declined to show documentation of the account.

"I saved the money from the Army," Greene said. "Army, Army, Army, Army money. My personal Army money." Then, he had a question of his own: "Can I get paid for this interview?" ~~