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Do we have the guts?

@ 02:10 PM (57 months, 5 days ago)


The drill-baby-drill Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats are always talking about America's "energy independence" .. trying to make us believe that the more oil drilled here the more oil we'll have for America, and the less "foreign oil" we'll have to use.

But it doesn't matter where the oil is drilled, it all goes into a global market. There is no such thing as a separate foreign oil supply and a domestic one. Oil drilled here gets shipped to the international market, where we buy it just like every other country does.

I repeat, all the world's oil gets lumped together before it's re-sold to us by international oil-companies.

And every day, we seem to find new ways to use oil in new products.

So, it's the addiction to oil that we have to wean ourselves from .. not the drilling for it here.

We have the tools, the talent, and the technology to discover and convert to alternative energies .. the oil disaster in the Gulf is our wake-up call.

But, do we have the will -- the guts -- to change our behavior and our life style? The longer we put it off the nastier it's going to get.

If the worst man-made environmental disaster in the world isn't going to motivate us .. what in the hell will?


Basketball riots

@ 11:23 AM (57 months, 5 days ago)


That's right .. we can't let those European soccer fans outshine us ... they aren't the only ones who can get drunk, beat each other senseless, break windows and set stuff on fire...

"Despite heavy LAPD presence, violence breaks out after Lakers' victory

Crowds hurl bottles and other objects at police, smash marquees, jump on vehicles, break windows and light a small fire along Figueroa Street. At least one person is beaten unconscious.

Despite a massive Los Angeles police presence Thursday night, sporadic violence broke out near Staples Center after the Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.

Crowds hurled bottles and other objects at police, smashed marquees, jumped on vehicles, broke windows, and set rubbish dumpsters and vehicles on fire along Figueroa Street north of Staples Center and on Flower Street.

Police fired non-lethal rounds to disperse the crowd at Figueroa and Venice Boulevard after several small fires were set, as well as at 11th and Hope streets. At 7th and Flower, a car believed to be a taxicab was engulfed in flames.[..]",0,3239781.story

Heads on a plane

@ 10:50 AM (57 months, 5 days ago)


This made the headlines .. sounds like the set up for a horror movie, but a few days ago the cops were called out to a Little Rock Airport after 40 to 60 human heads were found in boxes in the cargo hold of a Southwest Airlines jet .. headed for Fort Worth.

Man, talk about a bunch of airheads ...

Heads are going to roll ...

40 to 60? Didn't they have a head count?

(AP) – LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Officials say a Southwest Airlines worker stumbled across a few boxes of human heads at the Little Rock, Ark., airport.

It turns out the heads found June 9 were bound for a medical laboratory in Fort Worth, Texas. But Pulaski County coroner Garland Camper says he's waiting for records showing the heads were legally obtained and were being shipped legally.

Camper says the 40 to 60 whole and partial heads are at the county morgue.

Southwest Airlines spokesman Chris Mainz says the airline called police and refused to ship them because they were not packaged and labeled properly.

The heads were being shipped by JLS Consulting LLC of Conway, Ark. JLS founder Janice Hepler said they're to be used in a continuing-education program for doctors.

Information from: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Look, I understand the need for medical research, and also the need to make a buck .. but let's hope that in the future cooler heads will prevail ...

Okay, I'm through ... gonna quit while I'm ahead...