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Pebble Beach was the biggest winner

@ 09:52 AM (58 months, 4 days ago)


That rough course knocked 'em in the dirt Sunday, it sure doesn't reward good golf shots .. has a 14th hole that makes grown men cry, then there's the 17th hole with the tee shot hit toward the ocean and usually into a strong breeze.

Players say that some of the the greens are soft and green, some are hard and brown .. and depending on which patch you land on, your ball can bounce 25-feet, or 5-feet. Nope, it sure doesn't reward good golf shots.

There was little championship golf played on the last day of the US Open. Even the unflappable winner from Northern Ireland, Graeme McDowell, shot a final round of 3-over 74 .. he had one birdie and still got his name on the trophy. First European to win this tournament in 40 years. The guy right behind him was Gregory Havret, a Frenchman who ranked 391st in the world.

I tuned in because Saturday's game had been exciting, birdies everywhere. Looked like Tiger was 'coming back' .. and Lefty Mickelson and 60 y/o Tom Watson were playing good golf .. the 18 y/o kid from Japan was interesting .. and who in heck was this leader guy the announcers kept calling "Dustin Hoffman"?

He was big-hitting Dustin Johnson .. who was so full of himself that he told a Saturday night press conference "I'm the guy to beat tomorrow." I thought of that little brag Sunday as it took him less than 30 minutes to lose his 3-point lead with a bunch of bogeys. Finished with 82 -- the worst score for a third-round leader since 1911. We woulda liked him better served with a dollop of humility.

And Tiger's fire went out .. six bogeys, and a 75. The healing process continues.

Phil Mickelson lost his Masters' magic .. he birdied hole 1, and no other, for a 73.

60 y/o Watson couldn't seem to concentrate .. maybe it got to him that he was possibly playing his last major, for sure his final US Open at Pebble .. where he'd won in '82 to kick-start his career. He said he'd had to fight the tears ...

Ernie Els had a slim chance going in .. until he couldn't find his ball in the long grass on the cliffside of the 10th hole .. or fight his way out of 17th hole bunkers.

Only six of 83 golfers shot below par Sunday, none in the last 12 groups.

Yep, the winner was Pebble Beach alright .. such a lovely place with a sea breeze, scenic links and stunning views of the beautiful ocean lapping at the rocky cliffs .. the sea gulls dancing on the fairway.

But that ocean is mean, the sea breezes blow golf balls ever-which-a-way, and the sea gulls sound like they're laughing at the poor humans who are digging themselves out of white sand bunkers.

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