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Abandoned Farmhouse, a poem ..

@ 02:34 PM (50 months, 6 days ago)

He was a big man, says the size of his shoes
on a pile of broken dishes by the house;
a tall man too, says the length of the bed
in an upstairs room; and a good, God-fearing man,
says the Bible with a broken back
on the floor below the window, dusty with sun;
but not a man for farming, say the fields
cluttered with boulders and the leaky barn.

A woman lived with him, says the bedroom wall
papered with lilacs and the kitchen shelves
covered with oilcloth, and they had a child,
says the sandbox made from a tractor tire.
Money was scarce, say the jars of plum preserves
and canned tomatoes sealed in the cellar hole.
And the winters cold, say the rags in the window frames.
It was lonely here, says the narrow country road.

Something went wrong, says the empty house
in the weed-choked yard. Stones in the fields
say he was not a farmer; the still-sealed jars
in the cellar say she left in a nervous haste.
And the child? Its toys are strewn in the yard
like branches after a storm-a rubber cow,
a rusty tractor with a broken plow,
a doll in overalls. Something went wrong, they say.

by Ted Kooser

"Abandoned Farmhouse" from Flying at Night: Poems 1965-1985. © University of Pittsburgh Press. Reprinted with permission.

Take back the rainbow?

@ 02:05 PM (50 months, 6 days ago)


Yep, right in the middle of the big to-do about DADT, we have right-wing, anti-gay activists wanting to reclaim the rainbow flag from "Rainbow Coalition" gay rights activists.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the anti-gay-marriage Ruth Institute, says:

"[..] "the rainbow is a sign of God's covenant with man." Morse told ONN: "Proposition 8 was passed by a great grassroots coalition that included people from all across the religious traditions, and also people of every race and color. We are the real rainbow coalition. The gay lobby does not own the rainbow."

Morse continued: "We can't simply let that go by. Families put rainbows in their children's nurseries. Little Christian preschools will have rainbows...Noah's Ark and all the animals.... Those are great Christian symbols, great Jewish symbols." [..]"

Well okay, go ahead and hang giant rainbow flags all around your house .. just don't be surprised when all those people show up for the parade ...


Oh no, I wanted a Drug Cartel Barbie!

@ 12:06 PM (50 months, 6 days ago)


SAN LUIS - Customs and Border Protection says border agents seized 141 cartons of fake Barbie and Moxie Girlz dolls headed for the U.S. from Mexico.

The boxes of fake dolls were found inside a truck Nov. 29 at the San Luis port of entry in southwestern Arizona.

Border agents were conducting a shipment inspection of a container of various dolls from China when they discovered items resembling Barbie and Moxie Girlz dolls.[..]"

Dang those anchor Barbies!

And while they were busy searching the truck, 2,000 pregnant Mexican women fell over the fence and were taken to Arizona hospitals to deliver their spawn as American citizens.


"Sorry ma'am, I'm suddenly 'attracted' to your breasts"

@ 11:49 AM (50 months, 6 days ago)


"A BRITISH department store unveiled a hi-tech line of lingerie today that stays on thanks to magnets.

The underwear, about to go on sale at high-end department store Selfridges, features tiny invisible magnets instead of fastenings to overcome the problem of tricky bra hooks.

The bra comes with a matching pair of "clip-on, clip-off" panties, which have magnetic side strips.

Created by French designer Laetitia Schlumberger, and named "Dement" - the French word for 'insane" - the underwear costs upwards of £165 ($US256) for a bra and panties set.[..]"

Yeah, "it would save valuable time" .. but seriously, if you can't figure out how to open a bra, you probably shouldn't be procreating anyway.

Not to mention that women will never be able to get them off the inside of the washer and dryer.


Birther Doc couldn't handle the truth

@ 11:18 AM (50 months, 6 days ago)


Remember that birther* Army doctor who refused to obey orders to deploy to Afghanistan until/unless the President "proved" that he is a natural born citizen?

Well, his Court-Martial ended yesterday .. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was convicted of all Charges and Specifications and sentenced to 6 months in prison and dismissal (an officer's dishonorable discharge) .. lost his pension too.

It should be noted that Lakin pled guilty to 3 of the 4 specifications .. and admitted on the record that all of the orders he received were, in fact, lawful orders.

In other words, he gave up on the whole birther thing.

Birthers came from all over the country to attend his court-martial .. they're calling the outcome a conspiracy and Lakin is still their hero. What do you wanna bet that he runs for public office?

What gets me is that an irrational fool like Lakin could achieve the rank of Lt. Colonel in the US military ...

* Birthers are right-wing loonies who suffer racist anxiety and hate that a Black Man is in the White House .. but they can't say that out loud, so they bleat that a foreigner has seized control of the Oval Office.


Next, ban doorbells and ringing phones in commercials ..

@ 10:12 AM (50 months, 6 days ago)


Not everyone has TiVo you know, and as one who likes to drift off to sleep with the TV on, it has long pissed me off that my soothing documentary about mountain streams suddenly turns into an ear-shattering commercial with gun shots and screaming .. so I'm happy that something is finally being done about it.

President Obama just signed a new law:

"S. 2847, the "Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation or the "CALM Act," which requires the Federal Communications Commission to prescribe a regulation limiting the volume of audio on commercials transmitted by television broadcast stations, cable operators, and other multichannel video programming distributors."

It only took 40 years .. and half that time we didn't even have remotes.

Commercials blast you even when you're awake, sitting in a chair .. funny thing is, if they weren't so loud maybe we wouldn't mute them, you'd think advertisers would prefer that we didn't do that.