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The dang Iowa caucus is finally over

@ 02:37 PM (37 months, 8 days ago)

Dang it all, I so wanted Santorum to surge from the rear and mow down Mitt .. was ready to do a maniacal happy dance around the room .. but, no .. we Democrats aren't that lucky.

Talk about a dead heat .. Mitt Romney beat out internet punchline Rick Santorum by just 8 votes. They each got 25% of the vote .. I heard that Mitt spent $133 per vote, Little Ricky, $1.65 per vote. Ron Paul came in third, with 21%, Newt fourth with 13% .. and Newt is pissed.

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So this is what Mitt gets from campaigning practically full time since 2006 .. going through his kids’ inheritance like you-know-what through a goose. This time he barely pulled in 25% of the vote, which is lower than the 27% he got in 2008 .. against two guys who are completely unelectable - Santorum and Paul.

Dang, those Republicans really can't stand that guy!

The way I sees it - President Obama was the big winner last night. See, the last thing Democrats wanted was a clear win for Romney, which would mean a strongly united Republican party, which would mean a short nominating contest.

What Obama and the Democrats ended up with - a weak GOP roster and a divided, discouraged party .. this means a longer nominating contest with all those Republicans eager to bad-mouth the eventual nominee.

The Republican party is splintered into three parts - each of the leading candidates represents a very different segment of the party .. kinda hard to fly with three right-wings.

Once they hit the South, religion will be more of a factor .. evangelicals will not support Morman Mitt with his magic underwear, they'll prefer Catholic Santorum .. so the nominating process will probably go on for a while .. even beyond SC.

Rick Perry's had enough and is headin' back to Texas .. looks like Michele Bachmann is heading back to her spot on the House Intelligence Committee (falls over laughing).

Going around - A reporter asked a senior Republican leader what sort of candidate could beat Obama. He replied "A mammal .. but all we have are reptiles."

Pop some more corn .. the fun ain't over yet.