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A sex scandal without the sex .. I think

@ 09:51 AM (32 months, 2 days ago)

Here's a new twist on a old story -- remember back in 2010 when Bill Johnson (R), the "family values" anti-gay candidate ran for governor in Alabama? He lost .. and next thing we knew he's donating sperm to childless lesbian couples in New Zealand.

Now the Birmingham News reports that Johnson has left his wife and family "to be with babies he secretly conceived as a sperm donor in New Zealand."

His wife told the New Zealand Herald that Johnson "plans to apply for residency so he can stay in New Zealand, and that he intends to donate sperm to additional women. ... He is obsessed with this. He doesn't want to stop."

Why couldn't he just do his "donating" in the airport Men's room or Public Park Restroom like a normal Republican?

Seriously, isn't this supposed to be a mortal sin? "Every sperm is sacred."

These "anti-gay candidates" always turn out to be pretty interesting folk, don't they?

A politician obsessed with donating his sperm .. can you just imagine the Fox Newsgasm if it were a Democrat trying to clone himself via sperm donations like some modern day Mengele? Or - God forbid - a black man?

Who knows - he might be delighted to live a new life free of the rigidity of his party, state, and upbringing that have handcuffed him for all these years. After all, Republicans would have a constitutional amendment against sperm donations if they could.

"Bill Johnson - He's Pulling For You."

Sorry .. this stuff writes itself.