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Obama's gay marriage-go-round

@ 01:56 PM (27 months, 23 days ago)

My conservative friend said that Obama's current position on marriage equality is purely political. I said, well duh .. he's a politician isn't he?

I know why the president teeters on the fence, he needs every vote he can get .. right now any negative flack over this issue would lose him votes, which is exactly why the Righties are pushing it, pushing it .. which isn't too smart if they'd stop and think a moment - because the more stink they raise, the more it will force Romney and the Republicans to take a position on a difficult social issue. A real minus for them would be independent and moderate voters watching Romney kiss radical Tea Party ass .. right on top of him having to fire his Gay campaign advisor last week too.

Obama's coalition of Democrats, black voters, women, Hispanics and urban voters are all intact -- and in favor of gay marriage -- but swing voters, especially suburban voters, are still split.

So now I'm wondering if President Roadrunner is scammin' the Acme Tool Co. Righties again .. having Biden Big Mouth say something about approving gay marriage, you know, so it's out there .. which will get the so-called liberal media (ha ha) all riled up, hounding the President's press secretary .. one of reporters actually fainted and slid to the floor at the White House presser.

Anyway, President Obama doesn't have to say anything more, only have Sec'y Carney repeat his "evolving" talking points. This will nudge Obama's position forward while seeming to walk it back .. his message is clear and he can deflect until December.

I believe Obama's heart's in the right place, and the only evolving he has done is into a presidential candidate trying to win a 2nd term...

Wake up whining Lefties - if Obama doesn't attain enough electoral votes, the rights of ALL Americans won't just go on the back burner .. they'll go up in flames.

If Obama endorses equality it would alienate some culturally conservative Democrats .. look what happened in NC last night .. the unfortunate reality is that a big segment of the population is backward thinking .. such a move would also herd more disgruntled anti-Mormon evangelicals Romney's way ...

I know, I know, it sucks, because marriage equality is an important issue.. but we don't get further along down the road by making it a referendum on the candidate. We know dang well which candidate signed a Rightie pledge against gay marriage. Can we leave it at that until after November?

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that Obama has a national lead over Romney by seven points, 49% to 42%, "due to increased support from independent voters and more optimism about the U.S. economy."

Pissing people off and giving fear mongers a soap box isn't the way to play this .. we must continue to hold our cards close to the vest and bluff.

If being honest and going by the book were the only important factors in the game of politics, Jimmy Carter would be #1 on every list of great presidents.